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WebSphere Commerce deployment checklist

The WebSphere Commerce deployment checklist is based on lessons learned from IBM internal groups, external customers and business partners deploying WebSphere Commerce-based solutions. This checklist is intended to provoke discussion; it is not a detailed set of instructions.

Access control




Store pages

Initial data load


Site Monitoring


Is there a need to turn on the Marketing Event Monitors?

Are the right Web Server logs turned on?

Backup and recovery

Is a backup of the production site database, customized code, and configuration parameters available?

Is a disaster recovery plan in place?

Is there a plan for how the site will be managed in the case where the site needs to be brought down temporarily or for an extended period of time?

Upgrades and fixes

Is a regular maintenance window planned?

Is there a plan for how upgrades and fixes will be applied to the site?

Is there a plan for how emergency updates will be made to the catalog, for example to update products or prices?

Development, test, staging and production

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