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Core group collection

Use this page to view the core groups that are defined for the system. A core group is a component of the high availability manager function. A default core group, called DefaultCoreGroup, is created for each cell in the product environment. A core group can contain stand-alone servers, cluster members, node agents and the dmgr. A core group must contain at least one node agent or the dmgr. From the console...

   Servers > Core Groups > Core group settings .

Click New to define a new core group. After a core group is defined, several fields become read-only.

To change those fields, delete and redefine the core group.

To delete a core group, select the name of that core group and then click Delete . A core group must be empty before it can be deleted.


Name of the core group. Click the core group name to edit the settings for that core group. This field is read-only.


Specifies a description of the core group. This field is read-only.

Connected core groups

Core groups that are connected to this core group by access points. This field is read-only.
View the core groups in a cell


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