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Set up IP addresses for high availability manager communications

There are situations where select a preferred IP address, or a range of IP addresses that you want the high availability manager to use for communication within a core group. Determine the transport protocol the core group associated with the high availability manager uses for communications.

Deprecated feature: Support for unicast transports is deprecated. If the core group is configured to use unicast transports, you should change the configuration settings to channel framework transports wherever it is possible to do so.depfeat

You should only set a preferred IP address to restrict the high availability manager communications to a specific IP address.

To configure a preferred IP address...


  1. Make a list of all of the product processes that are on this machine.

    Include both application server processes and administrative processes, such as node agents or the dmgr, in this list. If a preferred IP is set for one process on a machine, it should be set for all processes on that machine

  2. Determine the textual form of the preferred IP address. For example, or
  3. Update the IP address specified for the DCS unicast address for all processes identified in the first substep with the textual form of the preferred IP address.

    1. In the admin console, navigate to the settings page for either an application server, a node agent, or a dmgr.

      For an application server process click...

          Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers.

      For a node agent process click System Administration > Node agents.

      For a dmgr process click System Administration > Deployment manager .

    2. Select the appropriate process.

    3. In the Additional Properties section, , click Ports to bring up the list of ports for the selected process. Then click on the port named DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS .

    4. Enter the preferred IP address in the Host field.

      Following are the allowed values for the Host field:

      • * (asterisk), which allows high availability manager communications on all NICs. This is the default value, but cannot be used if your processes must interact with V6.0 or V6.0.1 processes.
      • Text IP address, such as, which restricts high availability manager communications to the specified NIC. Text IP addresses can be used if the host is configured to use a single IP address.
      • A string host name of the form myhost.mydomain.

  4. Click Apply, and then click Save to save your changes.

What to do next

The high availability manager uses the specified IP address for communication within the core group.
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