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Job manager can asynchronously submit jobs for large numbers of unfederated remote appservers and dmgrs.

Jobs can...

Before we can use the job manager...

New feature: In a flexible management environment, the job manager allows you to asynchronously submit and administer jobs for large numbers of unfederated appservers and dmgrs over a geographically dispersed area. Many of the management tasks that we can perform with the job manager are tasks that we can already perform with WAS ND, such as application management, server management, and node management. However, with the job manager, we can aggregate the tasks and perform the tasks across multiple appservers or dmgrs

We can submit jobs for groups of nodes that you define or for individual nodes. After you submit a job, we can check the job status, check the status of nodes, and check the status of node resources. The status of managed resources is not necessarily up-to-date. Status in the job manager admin console is updated only when a status job or an inventory job for the node containing the resource completes successfully. We can view node resources for nodes and groups of nodes that you administer. Configure the job manager and view its properties.




Depending on the tasks that you completed, we might have submitted jobs, checked the status of jobs, viewed nodes and node resources, or administered groups of nodes.


Next steps

We can continue to administer jobs as described in the procedure. We can register nodes using the wsadmin registerWithJobManager command, or unregister nodes using the wsadmin unregisterWithJobManager command. Both commands are in the ManagedNodeAgent command group. We can stop and restart the job manager.

Submitting a job
Check job status
Administer nodes of the job manager
Administer node resources of the job manager
Administer groups of nodes for the job manager
Set job managers


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