Administer nodes using the administrative agent



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New feature: The administrative agent provides a single interface to administer multiple unfederated appserver nodes, reducing the overhead of running admin services on every appserver.

We can...

The job manager asynchronously submits jobs for a node registered to the administrative agent and job manager.

Before you use the administrative agent...

If we plan to change the system clock...

  1. Stop...

    • appservers
    • node agent servers
    • dmgr server
    • administrative agent server
    • job manager server

  2. Change the system clock

  3. Restart the servers

Ensure clocks on all systems that communicate with each other and have WAS installed are synchronized. Otherwise, we might get errors, such as security tokens no longer being valid.




What to do next

We can continue to administer registered nodes from the administrative agent.

Register more nodes with the administrative agent using registerNode.

Deregister nodes from the administrative agent using deregisterNode.

Register and unregister nodes with a job manager.



When attempting to unregister an appserver profile that is in ADMIN_AGENT_HOME/bin, a null pointer exception can result if the profile is corrupted or unusable.

If we receive the null pointer exception, the process to unregister the appserver from the administrative agent has failed. You receive error messages...


To resolve the issue...

  1. Unregister the appserver node with the deregisterNode command.

  2. If the unregistering process fails...

    • Run...

      cd ADMIN_AGENT_HOME/bin
      $AdminConfig list ManagedNode

    • Find the node name in the list of the profile that we are removing, and copy into the following set command...

      set mn isthmusNode09(cells/mymachineCell01/managednodes/mymachineNode01|managednode.xml#ManagedNode_121)
      $AdminConfig remove $mn
      $AdminConfig save

  3. Restart the administrative agent.

    stopServer adminagent
    startServer adminagent

    The profile should be removed from the administrative agent.

  4. Delete the corrupted appserver profile using manageprofiles.

Administrative agent settings
Nodes collection for the administrative agent
Register or unregister with job manager settings
Job managers collection


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