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Logging in

Enter the user ID and password to access the console.

To access the console, enter the User ID and and then click Log in. The password is required only if security is enabled. In environments that use the administrative agent to administer multiple appserver nodes, select whether to log in to the administrative agent or one of its registered profiles.

After we are logged in, be sure to use the Logout link in the console toolbar when we are finished using the console and to prevent unauthorized access. If there is no activity during this login session for an extended period of time, the session expires and login again to access the console. The administrator can change the session timeout. The default is set to 30 minutes.

If the user ID that you provide is already logged in at a different location, we are prompted to choose between logging out from the other location or returning to the login page. If we log out the user from the other location, we might be prompted to recover unsaved changes made by that user.

If we have one or more different standalone servers running on the same machine and wish to administer them concurrently from the same or a different machine then :

  1. Ensure that each server uses a unique value for its admin console port.

  2. Run a separate web browser process for each admin console that you wish to access concurrently.


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