Maintenance Commands                                  prtvtoc(1M)


prtvtoc - report information about a disk geometry and par- titioning


prtvtoc [ -fhs ] [ -t vfstab ] [ -m mnttab ] device


The prtvtoc command allows the contents of the VTOC (volume table of contents) to be viewed. The command can be used only by the super-user. The device name can be the file name of a raw device in the form of /dev/rdsk/c?t?d?s2 or can be the file name of a block device in the form of /dev/dsk/c?t?d?s2.


The following options are supported: -f Report on the disk free space, including the starting block address of the free space, number of blocks, and unused partitions. -h Omit the headers from the normal output. -s Omit all headers but the column header from the normal output. -t vfstab Use vfstab as the list of filesystem defaults, in place of /etc/vfstab. -m mnttab Use mnttab as the list of mounted filesystems, in place of /etc/mnttab. EXAMPLES Example 1: The prtvtoc command. The command line entry and system response shown below are for a 424-megabyte hard disk: example# prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s2 * /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s2 partition map * * Dimension: * 512 bytes/sector * 80 sectors/track * 9 tracks/cylinder * 720 sectors/cylinder * 2500 cylinders * 1151 accessible cylinders * * Flags: * 1: unmountable * 10: read-only * The data in the Tag column above indicates the type of par- tition, as follows: Name Number UNASSIGNED 0x00 BOOT 0x01 ROOT 0x02 SWAP 0x03 USR 0x04 BACKUP 0x05 STAND 0x06 VAR 0x07 HOME 0x08 ALTSCTR 0x09 CACHE 0x0a The data in the Flags column above indicates how the parti- tion is to be mounted, as follows: Name Number MOUNTABLE, READ AND WRITE 0x00 NOT MOUNTABLE 0x01 MOUNTABLE, READ ONLY 0x10 Example 2: Output for the -f option. The following example shows output for the -f option for the same disk as above. example# prtvtoc -f /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s2 FREE_START=0 FREE_SIZE=0 FREE_COUNT=0 FREE_PART=34


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWcsu | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


devinfo(1M), fmthard(1M), format(1M), mount(1M), attri- butes(5) WARNINGS The mount command does not check the "not mountable" bit. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 12 Sep 1997 3