IBM Rational Functional Tester
Version 8.1.1000
IBM Rational Functional Tester Proxy SDK Reference

Project Version 2.3

Package com.rational.test.ft.domain

Interface Summary
IChannel Provides a means of executing code that requires thread affinity.
IChannelObject Provide a means of executing code that requires thread affinity.
IDomainSite Implements IDomainSite when the proxy represents a site for objects from a separate domain.
IInternalObjectStatus IInternalObjectStatus This interface indicates that a registered object is capable if returning the status (alive or dead) of the object in the system under test.
IMouseActionInfo IMouseActionInfo is passed into the proxy's processMouseEvent method during recording.
IMouseEventInfo This interface is used during Action Recording.
INestedDomain Interface which is used to identify a ProxyTestObject as containing an object which belongs to another domain.
IProxyBase These methods are implemented by all proxies, and may be called from any Channel.
IProxyMonitor Supports this interface, which is handled by the infestation code.
IRadioButtonProxy Radiobutton proxies that desire default data driving from the mappable parent proxy need to implement this interface.

Class Summary
BaseChannel Provides a base channel implementation.
BaseChannelScreen Provides access to the screen for proxies.
ChannelRunnable An abstract implementation of a runnable interface that can be scheduled for execution on a specific channel.
DescribedObject A DescribedObject is a list of properties created in another domain, or or perhaps even TestContext, which describes an object in the current domain.
DescribedObjectReference DescribedObjectReference represents the reference to a DescribedObject, an known object which exists in another domain.
DescribedObjectValue The value class used to persist a DescribedObjectReference/DescribedObject.
DomainProxy The base class for all domain proxies.
ProcessDomainImplementation The domain implementation for ProcessTestObjects.
ProcessDomainProxy The class for the Java domain proxy.
ProxyTestObject The true base class for all Java Proxy classes.
RegisteredDescribedObjectReference A RegisteredDescribedObjectReference is an implementation of RegisteredObjectReference used to deal with DescribedObjectReferences.
RegisteredDescribedObjectReferenceValue This class converts between a RegisteredDescribedObjectReference and a SpyValueClass that contains the same information.
TestDomain Represents the object model - for example, HTML, Java, and Process.
TestDomainImplementation The base class for all domain implementations.
TestObjectRole A brief type name that decorates each test object in the map.
ThreadChannel Implements a channel that provides thread affinity to a GUI thread.

Exception Summary
ChannelSwitchException A ChannelSwitchException is thrown when code needs to be executed on the thread of the original channel request rather than the channel associated with the current thread.