Extension for Terminal-based Applications window

Use the Extension for Terminal-based Applications window to connect to the host and record or play back host interactions in the scripts.

The top pane of the window shows the connection configuration information. The bottom pane is the actual terminal view. You can move the divider up or down to increase the space of either portion of the window. The terminal session function keys that correspond to the function keys on the keyboard are located at the bottom of the window.

Extension for Terminal-based Applications toolbar uses the icons shown in the Table 1:

Table 1. Extension for Terminal Based Applications toolbar icons

Icon Icon name Description
New Connection Creates a new connection file.

Clears the fields in the top pane of the window and resets them to default values.

Open Opens an existing connection file.

Displays the Open file dialog box to reload the saved configuration file.

Save Saves current connection settings file so that you can reload the settings later.
Save As Saves as connection file. Provide a file name.
Connect using the Current Connection Properties Connects to a host using the specified configuration information.
Extension for Terminal-based Applications Sets synchronization settings.


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