Connecting to a virtual terminal (UNIX) session

The host terminal panel shows the default values for a TN3270 terminal connection when you launch Extension for Terminal-based Applications. You can also connect to a VT (UNIX) session.

Before you begin

The host terminal must be running and have access to a VT session.

To connect to a VT (UNIX) session:


  1. Connect to the host terminal.

  2. Select one of the VT terminal types from Terminal type list. If you select the VT UTF8 terminal type, make sure that you also select a UTF8 code page. By default, the 1100 DEC Multinational Replacement Character Set code page and the 24 x 80 screen size are displayed in Code page and Screen size lists.

  3. Specify the code page from the Code page list. If you are connecting to a VT UTF8 session, make sure you select a UTF8 code page.

  4. Specify the screen dimensions from the Screen size list.

  5. Click Advanced and verify that the entries in the Advanced Setting table have been updated with specific VT session properties and their default values.

  6. Click OK to close the Advanced Settings dialog box.

  7. Click Connect to connect to the host system.


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