Enable web browsers

You must enable your web browsers before you can use Functional Tester to test HTML applications. The first time you run Functional Tester, it automatically enables Internet Explorer. If you have Firefox enable them using the Enable button, as described below. If you add a new browser, or Functional Tester fails to find a browser, run the enabler.

Before you begin

To run the HTML Enabler:


  1. Click Configure > Enable Environments for Testing any time from Functional Tester to invoke the Enable Environments dialog box (the enabler).

  2. Click the Web Browsers tab.

    1. Click Search. The Search for Web Browsers dialog box opens.

    2. Search the browser using any of the following search method:

      • Select Search All to let the enabler locate all the browsers on your system. Functional Tester will scan all of your hard drives or partitions, and list the browsers in the Web Browsers list.

      • Select Search In to browse to a specific drive or root directory to search.

      You should not use the Search All option to find browsers on Linux or UNIX® systems. Instead use the Search In option and browse for it.

    3. Click the Search button.

  3. Select the browsers you want to enable by clicking on them in the Web Browsers list. You can select multiple browsers by using the Ctrl key while selecting. Click the Select All button if you want to enable all of them.

  4. Click Enable. The selected browser(s) will be enabled for HTML testing. The enabled browsers will be indicated in parentheses after each browser name in the list.

  5. Select a browser to be the default, and click the Set as Default button.

  6. Click Close.



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