Browser enablement diagnostic tool

The Browser Enablement Diagnostic Tool is used to diagnose problems you might have with enabling your browser for HTML testing. The tool will diagnose the enablement problem and report how to solve the problem.

Use the diagnostic tool if you suspect that HTML is not being tested properly. If you are trying to record against an HTML application, and nothing shows up in the Recording Monitor, the browser is probably not enabled properly. It might mean that the Java plug-in of your browser is not enabled. If that is the case, the diagnostic tool will tell you how to enable the browser. The tool offers quick and simple directions to solve any problem it finds.

To run the tool:


  1. Open the Functional Tester Enabler by clicking Configure > Enable Environments for Testing.

  2. Click the Web Browsers tab.

  3. Click the Test button. The Browser Enablement Diagnostic Tool opens.

  4. Click the Run Diagnostic Tests button.

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About this task

The Results page tells you whether the test passed or failed. If the test failed, this page will also list the problem.

Problem and solution

About this task

The Problem and Solution page will list the problem and explain how to solve it. Follow the instructions listed there and close the tool. If you were in the process of recording a script when you ran the tool, stop recording the script and start over. The recording should then work against an HTML application.

Details (Advanced)

About this task

The Details page list additional information about your environments. The Java Enabled field indicates whether Java is enabled in your browser. The JVM Information field lists information about your JVM. The General Enablement Information field lists Java and HTML domain information.


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