Recording interface

Every time you begin recording, the Functional Tester window will automatically minimize when the Recording Monitor comes up. The monitor is always displayed while you are recording. You can minimize it if you don't want it to be visible on the screen, and you can resize it.

The monitor displays messages for every action performed during your recording session, such as starting and pausing the recording, starting an application or browser, clicks and all other actions upon an application, inserting verification points, inserting other items into the script, etc. For more information, see Functional Tester Recording Monitor.

The Record toolbar is nestled within the Functional Tester Monitor toolbar when you bring it up. You can click Display Toolbar Only , which hides the monitor and shows only the toolbar. Click Display Monitor to bring it back.

You use the Record toolbar to pause and stop recording, start applications, create verification points, and insert items into your script. For more information, see Recording Toolbar.

The following dialog boxes make up the Functional Tester recording interface:

Verification Point and Action Wizard

Start Application dialog box

Script Support Functions dialog box

Recorder Monitor Preferences Page


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