Recording toolbar

When you begin recording with Functional Tester, the Recording toolbar comes up. You can use the Recording toolbar to pause and stop recording, start applications, create verification points, and insert items into your script. The Recording toolbar is nestled within the Monitor toolbar when you bring up the monitor.

You can display just the toolbar, by clicking the Display Toolbar Only button . To re-dock it, click the Display Monitor button .

For information on the Functional Tester Monitor and Monitor toolbar, see the Functional Tester Recording Monitor.

The Recording toolbar contains the following buttons:

Stop Recording

Use to stop the recording. When recording stops, the Monitor is closed. Your script and object map are then written into your project directory. Also, the Functional Tester window is restored and the script is displayed.

Pause Recording

Use to suspend recording. The Monitor remains in view.

Resume Recording

Use to continue recording.

Start Application

Use to start the application you want to test. It opens the Start Application dialog box, which is used to choose an application to start. For more information on starting applications, see Start Your Test Applications or the Start Application Dialog Box.

Insert Verification Point or Action Command

Use to select an object and action. It opens the Select an Object tab of the Verification Point and Action Wizard, which contains the object selector tool. You select an object from there to start a verification point. For more information on selecting objects to create a verification point, see the Select an Object tab of the Verification Point and Action Wizard.

You can also use the Insert Verification Point or Action Command toolbar button itself to select an object. If you click the button and drag it off of the toolbar, the button will become the object selector tool from the Select an Object tab of the Verification Point or Action Wizard.

Insert Data Driven Commands

Use to select the test objects and actions that you want to data drive a test script.

Insert Script Support Commands

Opens the Script Support Functions dialog box. Use to call another script, insert a log entry, insert a timer, insert a sleep command (a delay), or insert a comment into your script. For more information see the Script Support Functions Dialog Box.

Display Help

Pauses your recording and displays the Functional Tester Help in the Help Perspective of the Functional Tester shell. The Help contains all of the Functional Tester user documentation. See About Functional Tester Documentation for more information about the user and API documentation. When the Help displays, the Pause Recording button becomes the Resume Recording button . Click the Resume Recording button to dismiss the Help window.

Display Toolbar Only

Displays just the Recording toolbar. Click the Display Monitor button to display the monitor and re-dock the Recording toolbar.

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