Create a functional test project

A functional test project stores application test assets such as scripts, object maps, verification point baseline files, and script templates. You must create a functional test project before you can record scripts. You must create a new project or connect to an existing project before you record a new script.

To create a functional test project:


  1. From the Functional Tester menu, click File > New > Functional Test Project.

  2. In the Project name field, type the name of the new project.

    Project names cannot contain the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > | ( ) or a space.

  3. In the Project location field, type the data path for this project, or click Browse to select a path.

    If you use ClearCase®, create the Functional Tester project in a ClearCase snapshot or dynamic view. You can add the project to ClearCase later. If you do not create a project in a ClearCase view, you can share the project by moving it to a ClearCase view and adding it to source control.

  4. Select Add the project to Source Control to use ClearCase.

  5. If TestManager is installed, select Associate the project with current Rational Project to run Functional Tester scripts from TestManager and use TestManager to analyze test results.

    If the Associate the project with current Rational Project check box is unavailable, create a Rational project and log in to the project before you can associate a Functional Tester project with a Rational project. To use the TestManager features, Rational Administrator and TestManager must be installed. You must create a Rational project, and log into TestManager.

  6. Click Finish.

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