Integrate with IBM Lotus Sametime

Configure the Lotus Sametime server and Lotus Sametime portlets requires a set of tasks performed on both the Lotus Sametime server and the portal server.

Wait! The Domino-WebSphere Portal Integration Wizard can do most of this task for you. The only task in this section that the wizard does not perform is configuring Lotus Sametime awareness for users of the Firefox browser; perform that task manually.

Configuring a Lotus Sametime server with secure socket layers (SSL) is not recommended when using a multiplexer server to manage traffic on the Lotus Sametime server. If you configure SSL on the multiplexer, WebSphere Portal will no longer be able to communicate through the multiplexer. For additional information, see Technote 1086354.

This topic lists the required procedures for configuring the following portlets to work with both the Lotus Sametime server and the portal server:

Perform all the following procedures to configure these portlets. Unless otherwise noted, all the procedures are required for all portlets.

Checklist of tasks

  1. Configure single sign-on

    How you configure single sign-on between WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Sametime depends on the directory that each server uses to authenticate.

  2. Configure the WebSphere Portal server to recognize Lotus Sametime

    You configure the WebSphere Portal server to recognize the Lotus Sametime server so that Lotus Collaborative Services can use that server for the Sametime portlets.

  3. Configure trust for the Sametime Contact List portlet

    To use the Sametime Contact List portlet, you configure the IBM Lotus Sametime server so that it will trust the Lotus Sametime server application running on your WebSphere Portal server, as well as trust any additional Domino and Extended Product servers within your site.

  4. Configure Sametime to be case sensitive

    To ensure Awareness works correctly, configure Lotus Sametime to be case sensitive.

  5. Optional: Configure Lotus Sametime people awareness for Firefox users

    The STLinks applet provides people awareness in all the Domino and Extended Products Portlets. For users of the Firefox browser, the STLinks applet must be the version installed by default on the IBM Lotus Sametime server.

    To configure the applet properly for Firefox, you copy files from the Lotus Sametime server to the WebSphere Portal server.

  6. People awareness using the Person tag

    WebSphere Portal includes people awareness features, so that people's names can appear as hyperlinks that allow users to contact people with whom they might want to work.

  7. Lotus Sametime portlets

    You can use reference information on the Lotus Sametime portlets when you modify their parameters in Administration. This portlets reference also includes information on new features in the current release, client and server requirements, and deployment/installation.

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