APPN configuration lists


In an APPC network, location passwords are specified for those pairs of locations that are going to have end-to-end sessions between them.

Location passwords need not be specified for those locations that are intermediate nodes.

The remote location list is created with the Create Configuration List (CRTCFGL) command, and it contains a list of all remote locations, their location password, and whether the remote location is secure. There is one system-wide remote location configuration list on an i5/OS® operating system. A central site system can create location lists for remote systems by sending them a control language (CL) program.

Changes can be made to a remote configuration list using the Change Configuration List (CHGCFGL) command, however, they do not take effect until all devices for that location are all in a varied off state.

When the Display Configuration List (DSPCFGL) command is used, there is no indication that a password exists. The Change Configuration List (CHGCFGL) command indicates a password exists by placing *PASSWORD in the field if a password has been entered. There is no way to display the password. If you have problems setting up location security you might have to enter the password again on both systems to ensure that the passwords match.


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