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  1. Entity manager
  2. Java SE security
  3. ObjectQuery


  1. Data Grid API
  2. Configure local deployments

Community samples

  1. xsadmin utility
  2. Asynchronous Service Framework
  3. Client authentication security
  4. Create dynamic maps
  5. Multi-master replication
  6. Queries with Entity Manager API
  7. Parallel queries with a ReduceGridAgent implementation

Articles with tutorials and examples

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Article Features
Accept grid-ready applications ObjectMap API, EntityManager API, Query, Agents, Java SE and EE, Statistics, Partitioning, Administration/Operations, Eclipse
Scalable grid-style computing and data processing EntityManager API, Agents
Accept a scalable, resilient, high-performance database alternative ObjectMap API, Replication, Partitioning, Administration/Operations, Eclipse
Enhance xsadmin for WXS Administration
Redbook: User's Guide All topics

  1. Run the getting started sample application
  2. Entity manager tutorial: Overview
  3. ObjectQuery tutorial
  4. Java SE security tutorial: overview
  5. REST data services sample and tutorial

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