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Monitor with the web console

With the web console, you can chart current and historical statistics. This console provides some canned charts for high-level overviews, and has a custom reports page that you can use to build charts from the available statistics. Use the charting capabilities in the monitoring console of WebSphere eXtreme Scale to view the overall performance of the data grids in the environment.

  1. Start and logging in to the web console
    Start the console server by running the startConsoleServer command and logging into the server with the default user ID and password.

  2. Connect the web console to catalog servers
    To start viewing statistics in the web console, first connect to catalog servers that to monitor. Additional steps are required if the catalog servers have security enabled.

  3. View statistics with the web console
    You can monitor statistics and other performance information with the web console.

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Monitor the deployment environment

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