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Configure ports

WebSphere eXtreme Scale is a distributed cache that requires opening ports to communicate with the Object Request Broker (ORB) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) stack among JVM and other servers.


  1. Plan for network ports
    WXS is a distributed cache that requires opening ports to communicate with the ORB and TCP stack among JVMs. Plan and control the ports, especially in an environment that has a firewall, and when you are using a catalog service and containers on multiple ports.
  2. Configure ports in stand-alone mode
    You can configure the necessary ports for servers and clients in an eXtreme scale deployment by using command-line parameters, property files or programmatically. Most examples included in the following sections describe command-line parameters to the or startOgServer.bat scripts or to the java command. Equivalent configuration options can also be set in properties files, using the embedded server API or the client API.
  3. Configure ports in a WAS environment
    WXS catalog services, container servers and clients, when running in WAS processes, utilize ports and services already defined for the process.
  4. Servers with multiple network cards
    You can run eXtreme Scale processes on a server that has more than one network card.

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Configure the deployment environment

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