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Set communication preferences

The server with which the IBM Sales Center communicates must be defined on the Communication preferences page before you can log on to the IBM Sales Center. This information might be predefined for you. Contact the administrator if a server is not specified.

If you have been given instructions to set the own communication preferences, perform the following actions:


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.

  2. Click File > Preferences.

  3. Click IBM Sales Center.

  4. Click Communication.

  5. Enter appropriate information in the following fields:

    • Server (For example: hostname.ibm.com)

    • HTTPS port (For example: 8000)

  6. Under SSL Mode select one of:

    Trust all

    Always accepts data from secure sites.


    Uses certificates to identify which secure connections to accept data from. If you select this option, specify:

    Trust location

    The location where we will store the certificates for use with the IBM Sales Center.

    Trust password

    The password to the trust location.

  7. Click Apply, and then click OK.

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