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Payment configuration group

A payment configuration group is a set of XML files that is associated with a specific payment method. For example, if the store will accept checks, cash on delivery, and two brands of credit cards, four payment configurations are required. A payment configuration group is an identifier for a group of payment configurations for different payment methods. The same payment method can have different payment configurations in different payment configurations groups identified by a different payment configuration group ID. A payment configuration ID is the mechanism by which the Payments subsystem identifies the set of configuration files to use for a given payment method. It is a string value that represents the folder or directory name where the XML configuration files are located. A payment configuration ID is used by the payment business policy in the POLICY database table. Payment business policies have the policy type "Payment."WebSphere Commerce provides a default configuration group for every payment method it initially supports (for example, for brands of credit cards, check, COD, Bill Me Later, and line of credit). You can use this configuration as it exists or create new ones manually. The "default" payment configuration group refers to a directory with default payment method configurations.

A store can use one or more configurations by associating different payment methods with different configuration groups. If multiple stores require exactly the same payment configurations, the payment methods can all be associated with the same payment configuration groups.

Different stores can use the same payment configuration group. For example, if two stores use identical payment method configurations, they can both be associated with the same configuration groups. The payment rule used by the payment methods will be same for both stores if the same configuration group is used.

Payment configurations are already provided in WebSphere Commerce for supported payment methods with the default payment configuration ID default. You can select one or more of these configurations for use. You can also change them, delete them, or add new ones. Additionally, you can create a new payment configuration ID for a new group of payment configurations. Regardless of which configurations you choose, ensure that the payment configuration ID which includes the configuration is associated with the store.

Payment configuration groups are defined in the PaymentMethodConfigurations XML file.

A store is associated with a payment configuration ID by a payment business policy. When a payment or refund method configuration is added to a store, a new entry is made in the POLICY table. For example:

Store ID Policy ID Business policy name Business policy type Properties
12345 -1237 Visa Payment


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