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Use the roll out update process for installing interim fixes


Roll out update is a means to achieve high availability when applying interim fixes to the WCS application which is deployed to a clustered environment. Not all nodes in the cluster need to be shut down during the process. The deployment manager chooses one node and stops the server only on that specific node. After synchronizing the updates for the node, the server is started again. The process is repeated for each node in the cluster.

To use roll out update...

  1. The interim fixes must be marked with...

    This fix is roll out update enabled.

  2. WCS Update Installer version 7 or higher is installed.

  3. The WCS application is federated and clustered with two or nodes.

  4. Test the interim fixes on a non-production environment first.

  5. Verify these actions are not scheduled at the same time the roll out update is run:

    • Store Publish
    • Stage Propagation
    • File/attachment upload
    • Installation of other product fixes
    • Update Logo
    • PCI Encryption
    • Any explicit EAR update such as the deployment of customizations through the WAS

  6. The WCS application is active when the interim fixes are applied.

    The roll out update runs for a longer time when compared to the regular process of applying fixes. The nodes in the cluster are being updated sequentially rather than in parallel. These means that some nodes in the cluster have updated code while other nodes do not. Ensure this condition is feasible for the environment especially if you are using customized code.

  7. If a lower failover time is required OR if the following message is posted in the browser window:

    Servlet has become temporarily unavailable for service

    ...edit plugin-cfg.xml file and decrease the failover time:

    ServerIOTimeout Reduce to 30
    ConnectTimeout Reduce to 15

    Also consider modifying the following properties:

    WebContainer custom property
    JVM Custom Property
    JVM Custom Property

  8. If you see application exceptions in the server logs during the roll out update process, the default 60 second wait time might not be enough. See the PK46763 readme file for instructions on increasing the wait time.

  9. Do not use the roll out update process to:

    • Apply WCS fix packs
    • Apply WAS fix packs
    • Apply WAS interim fixes
    • Uninstall any WCS or WAS interim fixes

Apply interim fixes to WCS product using WCS update installer

To enable the roll out update to apply interim fixes...

  1. Create the file in one or both locations depending on the type of instance you are updating:

    1. WCS instance:

      • WC_INSTALL/instances/instance/properties
      • WC_USER/instances/instance/properties

    2. WCS payment instance:

    3. Edit each file you created. Add the following lines:

      earupdate.disablesync = true true
      earupdate.restoresync= true 

    4. Save and exit the file.

  2. Run the WCS Update Installer and apply the interim fixes to the WCS product

  3. Run the WCS Update Installer and apply the interim fixes to the WCS instance or payments instance. See the example section for roll out update information.

  4. After the installation process has completed and the WebSphere Commerce update installer returns a success message, the roll out update is complete. Continue to apply any other interim fixes.

    If you see an error during the update, increase the timeout value...

    Increase in 5 minute increments, do not use a value greater than 60 minutes.

    [8/25/09 16:16:31:709 GMT+08:00] 00000017 TreeBuilder W ODCF0002E: Exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException .
    Caused by: org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.commonarchivecore.internal.exception.NestedJarException:
    IWAE0008E An error occurred reading InitializationServlet.war from /WAS70/profiles/myprof/config/cells/cellname/applications/WC_demo.ear/deployments/WC_demo.
    Caused by: /WAS70/profiles/AppSrv01/installedApps/WC_demo_cell/WC_demo.ear/InitializationServlet.war (A file or directory in the path name does not exist.)


Indications that the roll out update is deploying the interim fix:

What to do next

When you have completed applying all the identified fixes, remove the file. Removing this file avoids the problem of using the roll out update for future interim fixes that might not be enabled for the roll out update process.


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