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WebSphere Commerce presentation layer

WebSphere Commerce uses Java Server Pages (JSP) to implement the view layer of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. The view layer is in charge of retrieving data from the database through the use of data beans and formatting it to meet the display requirements. The view layers determines whether the request is sent to a browser or streamed out as XML. JSP files present a clean separation between data content and presentation.

  1. Customers use their Web browser to browse the WebSphere Commerce store pages.

  2. The servlet uses Java beans to get the store data from the servers.

  3. The JSP page uses the store data from the Java beans to display the information on the store pages.

  4. The JSP page uses the Java beans to interact with the store data from the servers.

WebSphere Commerce storefront uses JSP pages throughout the entire store flow. WebSphere Commerce browser-based tools (WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, Administration Console, and Organization Administration Console) use JSP pages in conjunction with XML to drive the user interface.

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