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Examples: Customizing access control policies using the Organization Administration Console

For all of these examples, it is assumed that a Site Administrator is modifying the policies for Root Organization. Once you step through some of the examples, we will be able to follow the same methodology to make changes not specifically covered here.

The examples are organized by business area. Within each business area, the examples are presented in order of increased complexity.

Customization examples organized by type of customization
Customization See the example
Add a role to a policy's access group

Changing a policy's action group

Changing a policy's resource relationship

Changing a policy to use a different access group

Create a new access group and using it in a policy

Create a new action group and using it in a policy

Create a new resource-level policy

Create a new role-based policy

Create a new role and using it in a resource-level policy

Delete a policy

Remove an action from a policy's action group

Tips for changing default policies

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