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Improve performance with WebSphere eXtreme Scale V7.1

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.1 is a distributed caching solution based on an in-memory grid that manages data and business logic across servers.

In a properly tuned WebSphere Commerce environment, most page view requests are served directly from memory cache rather than from slower physical disk.

To ensure low response times and high transaction throughput, large amounts of server memory are allocated to application cache, within which are stored Commerce artifacts such as...

In a clustered environment where there are multiple instances of Commerce running, each with its own memory space dedicated to cache for that particular cluster member, cache capacity is limited by the individual JVM size within the cluster. In effect, the total size of any given cache is statically limited to the maximum size as defined in the application server instance.

As nodes are added in order to scale application capacity, each cache associated with a JVM becomes a replica of all the other instances. A side effect of this design is that as each new cluster member starts up, it must build its own cache replica from scratch, which places significant stress on the shared database, and remains limited in size regardless of the numbers of nodes added.

WXS addresses a number of design contraints...

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