DB2 server

We used the default DB2 instance on the server (db2inst1). In your case, follow these steps.

1. Log on to the database server as the DB2 administrator and start a DB2 shell using the db2cmd command.

2. Copy the file Table.ddl from the Trade 6 install directory to the DB2 server.

Then execute the DB2 commands shown in Example 10-6 to create the tradedb database. In our scenario, we called our database ptradedb, as shown in the example.

Example 10-6 DB2 commands to create the tradedb database

db2 create db ptradedb
db2 connect to ptradedb
db2 -tvf Table.ddl
db2 disconnect all
db2 update db config for ptradedb using logfilsiz 1000
db2 update db cfg for ptradedb using maxappls 100
db2stop force