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This reference information provides additional information about messages you might encounter while using the product. It is organized according to the identifier of the product feature that produces the message.

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WAS system messages originate from a variety of sources, including Application Server components and applications. The message identifier can be either 9 or 10 characters in length and has the form:




is a 4 or 5-character alphabetic component or application identifier.


is a 4-character numeric identifier used to identify the specific message for that component.


is an optional alphabetic severity indicator. (I=Informational, W=Warning, E=Error)

To enable the new message IDs in your WAS runtime see the information about changing the message IDs used in log files.

The runtime error messages for WAS are not part of the supported programming model. While IBM intends to keep changes to the messages to a minimum during the service of a given release, updates to the message content is likely to occur between major releases of WAS without prior notice to you. Therefore, to avoid potential automation errors in the environment, do not develop code that is dependent on these messages.