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Convert log files to use IBM unique Message IDs

The convertlog command creates a new log file with either new or old message IDs substituted in place of the message IDs in the source file.

Deprecated feature: Prior to v6.x, components were assigned message IDs that are not necessarily unique across IBM software products. In v6.0, a system property was provided to map the message IDs in output logs to a set of IBM unique message IDs (all WAS message IDs now start with CW) that do not conflict with other IBM software products. The default runtime behavior still uses the old message IDs.depfeat To facilitate the migration of logging tools that are reliant on the old message IDs, the convertlog command is provided to convert the message IDs of log entries from the old standard to the new standard, or the new standard back to the old. By default, the software is configured to use the old message IDs when logging, but you can change the default output with the system property. Read Change the message IDs used in log files for more information.


Use the convertlog command to convert the log output:

<source file name>
<destination file name> [options]
        options: -newMessageFormat convert message IDs to CCCCCnnnnS format
                  (cannot be used with -m5)
                 -oldMessageFormat convert message IDs to CCCCnnnnS format
                  (cannot be used with -m6)


After using the convertlog command we have a new file with message IDs in the chosen format.
Change the message IDs used in log files


convertlog command
MessageConverter class


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