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Learn about SIP applications

Find links to web resources for learning, including conceptual overviews, tutorials, samples, and "How do I?..." topics, pending their availability.

How do I?...

  Configure SIP applications
Configure the SIP container
SIP timer summary
SIP container settings
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) container inbound channel settings
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) inbound channel settings
Performing controlled failover of SIP applications
SIP converged proxy
SIP high availability
Replicating SIP sessions
SIP session affinity and failover
SIP cluster routing
Upgrade SIP applications
SIP IP sprayer
  Develop SIP applications
Develop SIP applications
SIP industry standards compliance
Runtime considerations for SIP application developers
Develop a custom trust association interceptor
Develop SIP applications that support PRACK
SIP IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere framework
Set up SIP application composition
SIP servlets
SIP SipServletRequest and SipServletResponse classes
SIP SipSession and SipApplicationSession classes
Example: SIP servlet simple proxy
Example: SIP servlet SendOnServlet class
Example: SIP servlet Proxy servlet class
  Deploy SIP applications
Deploy SIP applications
Deploy SIP applications through the console
Deploy SIP applications through scripting
  Secure SIP applications
Secure SIP applications
Configure security for the SIP container
  Trace SIP applications
Trace a SIP container
  Monitor SIP applications
SIP PMI counters
  Troubleshoot SIP applications
Troubleshoot SIP applications
Tune SIP servlets for Linux
  Utilize SIP proxy server
Install a Session Initiation Protocol proxy server
Trusting SIP messages from external domains
Load balancing with the Session Initiation Protocol proxy server
Trace a Session Initiation Protocol proxy server
SIP proxy settings
High availability and workload management with Session Initiation Protocol proxy server
SIP external domains collection
SIP external domains
SIP routing rules collection
SIP routing rules set order
SIP routing rules detail
SIP rule condition collection
SIP rule condition detail
SIP proxy inbound channel detail

Conceptual overviews

Use Session Initiation Protocol to provide multimedia and interactive services
SIP applications
SIP container

developerWorks articles

Introducing SIP
Develop converged applications


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