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Assembling web applications

Assemble a web module to contain servlets, JSP files, and related code artifacts. (Group enterprise beans, client code, and resource adapter code in separate modules). After assembling a web module, you can install it as a stand-alone application or combine it with other modules into an enterprise application.

This topic assumes that we have created and unit tested Servlets and JSP files and other web components to assemble in an enterprise application and deploy onto an application server.

Use an assembly tool to assemble a web module in any of the following ways:

Although you can input various properties for web archives, available properties are specific to the Servlet, JSP, and Java EE specification level.


  1. Start an assembly tool.

  2. If we have not done so already, configure the assembly tool for work on Java EE modules. Ensure that J2EE and Web capabilities are enabled.
  3. Migrate WAR files created with the Assembly Toolkit, Application Assembly Tool (AAT) or a different tool to an assembly tool.

    To migrate files, import your WAR files to the assembly tool.

  4. Create a new web module.
  5. Copy code artifacts (such as servlets) from one web module into a new web module.


A web project is migrated or created. Files for the Web project are shown in the Project Explorer view under Enterprise Applications and Web Projects.

What to do next

We can now deploy your web project to an application server.


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