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Process logs

WAS processes contain two output streams that are accessible to native code running in the process. These streams are the stdout and stderr streams. Native code, including Java virtual machines (JVM), might write data to these process streams. In addition, JVM provided and System.err streams can be configured to write their data to these streams also.

By default, the stdout and stderr streams are redirected to log files at application server startup, which contain text written to the stdout and stderr streams by native modules (.dlls, .exes, UNIX libraries, and other modules). By default, these files are stored as $PROFILE_ROOT/logs/server_name

native_stderr.log and $PROFILE_ROOT/logs/native_stdout.log.

If you turn on the debugging service or verbose Java logging, the size of the native_stderr.log and native_stdout.log files increase in size with each restart of the application server. This situation can cause application server crashes especially on Linux operating systems where you might have a 2 gigabyte maximum file size.

To prevent this problem, consider redirecting the Java exceptions and verbose Java garbage collection to other files.

We can increase the maximum file size beyond the 2 gigabyte file size limit if you enable Large File Support (LFS). See your operating system documentation.
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