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Use this page to create a data source for association with your JDBC provider. Think of the data source as a pooled set of connections necessary for conducting transactions between your application and database.

To view this administrative console page, click...

Resources | JDBC Providers | JDBC_provider | Data sources | New


Resources | JDBC Providers | JDBC_provider | Data sources | data_source


Configuration tab


Display name for the data source.

Valid characters for this name include letters and numbers, but NOT most of the special characters. For example one can set this field to Test Data Source. But any name starting with a period () or containing special characters ( \ / , : ; " * ? < > | = + & % ' `) is not a valid name.

Data type String

JNDI name

Specifies the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) name.

Distributed computing environments often employ naming and directory services to obtain shared components and resources. Naming and directory services associate names with locations, services, information, and resources.

Naming services provide name-to-object mappings. Directory services provide information on objects and the search tools required to locate those objects.

There are many naming and directory service implementations, and the interfaces to them vary. JNDI provides a common interface that is used to access the various naming and directory services.

For example, use the name jdbc/markSection.

If you leave this field blank a JNDI name is generated from the name of the data source. For example, a data source name of markSection generates a JNDI name of jdbc/markSection.

After you set this value, save it, and restart the server, one can see this string when you run the dump name space tool.

Data type String

Container-managed persistence

Specifies if this data source is used for container-managed persistence of enterprise beans.

If this field is checked, a CMP Connector Factory that corresponds to this data source is created for the relational resource adapter.

Data type Checkbox
Default Enabled (The field is checked.)


Specifies a text description for the resource.

Data type String


Specifies a category string use to classify or group the resource.

Data type String

Data store helper class name

Name of the DataStoreHelper implementation class that extends the capabilities of your selected JDBC driver implementation class to perform database-specific functions.

WebSphere Application Server provides a set of DataStoreHelper implementation classes for each of the JDBC provider drivers it supports. These implementation classes are in the package For example, if your JDBC provider is DB2, then your default DataStoreHelper class is...

The administrative console page you are viewing, however, might make multiple DataStoreHelper class names available to you in a drop-down list; be sure to select the one required by your database configuration. Otherwise, your application might not work correctly. If you want to use a DataStoreHelper other than those displayed in the drop-down list, select Specify a user-defined DataStoreHelper and type a fully qualified class name.

Data type Drop-down list or string (if user-defined DataStoreHelper is selected)

Important data source properties

These properties are specific to the data source that corresponds to your selected JDBC provider. They are either required by the data source, or are especially useful for the data source. You can find a complete list of the properties required for all supported JDBC providers at...

Vendor-specific data sources minimum required settings.

Component-managed Authentication Alias

This alias is used for database authentication at run time.

The Component-managed Authentication Alias is only used when the application resource reference is using res-auth = Application.

If your database (for example, Cloudscape) does not support user ID and password, then do not set the alias in the component-managed authentication alias or container-managed authentication alias fields. Otherwise, you see the warning message in the system log to indicate that the user and password are not valid properties. (This message is only a warning message; the data source is still created successfully.)

If you do not set an alias (component-managed or otherwise), and your database requires the user ID and password to get a connection, then you receive an exception during run time.

Data type Drop-down list

Container-managed Authentication Alias (deprecated)

Specifies authentication data (a string path converted to userid and password) for container-managed sign-on to the resource.

Note: Beginning with WAS v6, the container-managed authentication alias is superseded by the specification of a login configuration on the resource-reference mapping at deployment time, for components with res-auth=Container.

Choose from aliases defined under Security>JAAS Configuration> J2C Authentication Data.

To define a new alias not already appearing in the pick list:

Data type Drop-down list

Mapping-Configuration Alias (deprecated)

Allows users to select from the Security > JAAS Configuration > Application Logins Configuration list.

Note: Beginning with WAS v6, the Mapping-Configuration Alias is superseded by the specification of a login configuration on the resource-reference mapping at deployment time, for components with res-auth=Container.

The DefaultPrincipalMapping JAAS configuration maps the authentication alias to the userid and password. You may define and use other mapping configurations.

Data type Drop-down list

Authentication Alias for XA Recovery

This optional field is used to specify the authentication alias that should be used during XA recovery processing.

If the resource adapter does not support XA transactions, then this field will not be displayed. The default value will come from the selected alias for application authentication (if specified).

Use Component-managed Authentication Alias

Select this radio button specifies that the alias set for Component-managed Authentication is used at XA recovery time.

Data type Radio button


Select this radio button enables you to choose an authentication alias from a drop-down list of configured aliases.

Data type Radio button


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