Use manual synchronization

Use manual synchronization when performance is considered as higher priority than running the script automatically. The synchronization algorithms are reliable, but take more time to run than is necessary.

To perform manual synchronization:


  1. On the Recording Monitor toolbar, before you enter text, click the Verification Point and Action Wizard icon.

  2. Drag the Object Finder over the host terminal to select the window object. A thick red line outlines the terminal when selected.

  3. Click Wait until, and type the text input. The entry in the script is as follows:

    In this case, the correct window is loaded because of the wait time. You do not need to rely on the synchronization algorithm.

  4. Change the second line of the previous script:

    TFrame(ANY, UNINITIALIZED).inputKeys("logoff{ENTER}"); 
    You can send the keystrokes regardless of the state of the terminal determined by the synchronization code.

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