Enable floating licenses

If your team environment supports Floating license enforcement, you can enable Floating licenses for your product and configure a connection to obtain access to floating license keys.

Before you begin

Before enabling Floating license enforcement, obtain the license server connection information from your administrator. For details on license server, license key, and Rational Common Licensing administration, see the IBM Rational License Management Guide.

To enable floating licenses as the license type for specified packages and configure license server connections:


  1. In the IBM Installation Manager for the Rational Software Delivery Platform, click File > Open > Manage Licenses.

  2. Select a version of a package and then select the Configure Floating license support button.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Click the Enable Floating license enforcement button.

  5. Configure one or more license server connections.

    1. Click an empty field in the Servers table or click the Add button.

    2. If your administrator provided you with information for a redundant server environment, click the Redundant Server button. Fields for the primary, secondary, and tertiary server names and ports appear.

    3. Enter the host name of the license server in the Name field.

    4. (Optional) Enter a value in the Port field for environments where a firewall is used. Do not assign a value to this port unless your administrator instructs you to do so.

    5. For redundant server environments, enter the names and ports (if required) for the secondary and tertiary servers.

    6. (Optional) You can click the Test Connection button to confirm that the connection information is correct and that the server is available.

    7. Click OK.

  6. Click Next.

  7. (Optional) Configure the license usage order for your shell shared or custom packages. The order of licenses in the list determines the order in which your package attempts to obtain access to license keys for a given licensed package.

  8. Click Finish.


The Manage Licenses wizard indicates whether the floating licenses configuration is successful.

What to do next

Now, when you next open the enabled product, a connection is created to the license server to obtain a license key from the pool of available floating license keys.


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