Sharing a project

To manage the IBM IBM Rational Functional Tester projects by using the Jazz source control provider, share the project and select Jazz source control as the repository provider. To perform source control operations on the IBM Rational Functional Tester project, the project must be in the Jazz repository workspace. When the project is shared, the project is moved to the Jazz repository workspace.

To share a project:


  1. Right-click the Rational Functional Tester project, and click Team > Share project.

  2. Select Jazz Source Control on the Share project page, and click Next.

  3. Specify the repository workspace component to which to move this project.

    1. Choose Select a component in an existing repository workspace if you have an existing repository workspace.

      • To place the project in an existing component, expand the workspace, and select the component.

      • To place the project in a new component in an existing repository workspace, select the workspace, click New Component, enter a name for the new component, click OK, and select the new component in the list.

    2. Choose Create a new repository workspace named if you have not created a repository workspace or if you want to create a new one, type a name for the workspace, and click Next. Select Share with a component from an existing stream, expand the stream, and select a component.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Finish. The selected project is moved to the repository workspace. The project is added to a component in a repository workspace. You can perform source control operations on the project.

    For more information on Jazz source control, see the Rational Team Concert information center.


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