Insert a data verification point into a script by using an application visual

You can add data verification points into simplified scripts by using an application visual instead of opening the test application again or by using the verification point editor.

Before you begin

Prerequisite: To use application visuals for inserting data verification points into the script, the capturing of verification on data feature must be enabled in the Preferences page before recording the script.

To insert a verification point into the script by using the application visual:


  1. Select the test line in the script editor that refers to the required application visual of the test application. The application visual that contains the control is displayed in the Application view.

    The thumbnail pane in the Application view displays images of all the application visuals that are captured for the project. You can select the required application visual image in the thumbnail pane and view the application visual in the Application view.

  2. In the Application view, move the mouse pointer over the control on which the data verification point must be captured. The control is highlighted in red.

  3. Right-click and select Insert verification point > Data Verification Point. The verification point wizard is displayed if you have enabled the Show Verification Point Dialog option in the Preferences page. Set the data verification point properties in the verification point wizard:

    1. On the Verification Point Wizard page, accept the default Data Value or select one of the available options from the list.

    2. Change the Verification Point Name, if required, and click Next.

    3. On the Verification Point Data page, edit the data if required.

    4. Optional: To use a datapool reference instead of a literal value for a data verification point:

      1. Right-click a property, and then click Convert Value to Datapool Reference. The Datapool Reference Converter dialog box opens.

      2. Type a new name for the datapool variable or select the variable from the Datapool Variable list for the verification point to reference in the datapool.

      3. Select Add value to new record in datapool to add the value of the verification point to a new record (row) in the datapool.

      4. Click OK, and close the text box.

    5. Click Finish.
    The verification point is inserted into the test script. You can drag the test line in the script editor to arrange the test lines in the required sequence for playback.

  4. Click File > Save to save the modified test script.

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