Handling exceptions during script playback

If an exception occurs during script playback, you can specify how IBM Rational Functional Tester handles these exceptions.

Before you begin

Various situations can cause playback exceptions. Some common exceptions are as follows: a control is not found, a control is ambiguous, and a weak recognition. You can set the conditions for handling exceptions during script playback for each test line in the script.

To set the conditions for handling the exceptions for a test line during script playback:


  1. Select the test line in the script editor. The Properties view displays the details of the selected test line.

  2. Specify the type of action that must be performed if an exception occurs while a test line is running during script playback. You can select any action such as Stop, Skip and Continue , or Retry from the list for any of the following exceptions:

    • Control not found

    • Ambiguous control

    • Weak recognition

    • Control sub item not found

    • Unexpected error

  3. Click File > Save to save the changes.

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