Enable response time breakdown

You can enable response time breakdown to see how much time is spent in each part of the application as the test runs. To collect response time breakdown, the data collection infrastructure must be installed and running on all computers that are used in the distributed application under test.

To enable response time breakdown:


  1. From the Functional Tester menu, click Window > Preferences.

  2. Expand Functional Test > Playback.

  3. Click Response Time Breakdown in the left pane.

  4. Select Enable Response Time Breakdown checkbox.

  5. Click OK.

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Enable Response time breakdown during playback

You can enable the response time breakdown during playing back the script.

About this task

To enable response time breakdown during playback:


  1. Run the script. The Select Log window is displayed.

  2. Type the log name for your script and click Next. The Specify Playback Options window is displayed.

  3. Select Enable Response Time Breakdown checkbox.

  4. Click Finish.


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