Enable Eclipse platforms

You must enable the Eclipse platforms before you use Rational Functional Tester to test applications that are based on Eclipse.

To enable the Eclipse platform:


  1. Click Configure > Enable Environments for Testing from Functional Tester.

  2. Click the Eclipse Platforms tab.

  3. Click Search. You can search for the Eclipse platforms in two ways:

    • Search all drives: Searches the Eclipse platforms in all your hard drives

    • Search in: Searches the Eclipse platform in the specific directory

  4. Select a search mechanism and click Search. The search results are listed in the left pane of Enable Environments window.

    Use the Add button to browse to the Eclipse platform and add directly.

  5. Select the Eclipse platform that you want to enable from the left pane of the window. The detailed information consisting of the name and path of the selected Eclipse platform is displayed in the right pane of the window.

  6. To enable support for GEF, select the GEF support checkbox. The GEF enablement plugin is copied to the plugin directory of the AUT.

  7. Click Enable. The selected Eclipse platform is appended with Enabled in parentheses.

  8. Click Finish.

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