Select object to data drive page

You can use the Select Object to Data Drive page to select an object that you want to data drive in your application-under-test. After you select an object, the objects recognition properties appear in the Object Recognition Properties grid at the bottom of the page.

Selection method

Click one of the selection methods from the list to select an object to data drive.

Drag Hand Selection

This is the most common and direct method of selecting an object. Click and drag the Object Finder tool over an object that you want to data drive, and then release the mouse button.

Object Finder icon

Click and drag over an object that you want to data drive.

After selecting an object advance to next page

Clear or select to go to the next page automatically after you select an object.

Test Object Browser

Use this selection method to browse for the object you want to data drive. The browser displays a hierarchical tree of objects in your application. The top level shows any applications you have running. Under each top level, Functional Tester displays the object hierarchy within that application. The object hierarchy is a dynamic view of the currently available objects. Browse the object tree until you find the object you want, and then click it. The object recognition properties appear in the grid.

Object Recognition Properties Grid

When you select an object using any of the selection methods, the object recognition properties are listed in the grid at the bottom of the tab. The recognition properties are determined by the object's proxy. For example, a "button" object has three recognition properties: label, .class, and .classIndex. This grid lists the name and value of your specific object's recognition properties. You can use that information to confirm that you selected the correct object.

To open: Click Insert Data Drive Commands ( ) on the Recording toolbar. Click Use selection wizard to select test objects.


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