Enable SAP support for pre-existing Rational Functional Tester projects

To use the SAP support for a project that was created using the earlier versions of Rational Functional Tester , add two new templates (one for script headers and one for script helper headers) to the project. You will also need to update the build or reference information for the project.

Before you begin


  1. In the Functional Test Projects view, right-click the project and select the Properties option.

  2. In the Properties dialog box, select Functional Test Script Templates from the navigation list.

  3. Select the template type Script Helper: Header of the file.

  4. If you have not customized this template, you can upgrade it by clicking the Restore Defaults button.

  5. Add the line import com.rational.test.ft.object.interfaces.SAP.*; in the import section of the template.

  6. After modifying the template, click the Apply button.

  7. Select the template type Script: Header of the file and add the same line in the import section of the template.

  8. If you are using the integrated ClearCase® support, check in the template file after you edit it, so that other members of your team can use them. To do this, right-click the project in the Functional Test Projects view, and click Team > Show Checkouts.

    You will see a list of elements you have checked out.

  9. Select the two templates ft_script.java.rfttpl and ft_scripthelper.java.rfttpl, right-click and select the Check in option.

    Your other team members can update their project by right-clicking the project in the Functional Test Projects view and clicking Team > Get Latest Version.

  10. Finally, right-click the project again in the Functional Test Projects view and click Reset Java Build Path.

    Each member of your team must perform this last step, as the “Java Build Path” is local to each project on each machine.

What to do next


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