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Export and import web content libraries

IBM WCM provides two methods for exporting and importing web content libraries:

With either method, we can export the contents of a web content library to disk and import this data into another web content server. If you're working with a copy of a library, we can also import that library into the same web content server multiple times, resulting in a new library after each import without affecting previous copies. Exporting and importing libraries enables you to make a backup copy of a web content library and can also be used to move data between servers. However, this function cannot be used to send updates, deletes and moves. It is only suitable for populating new items.

Before beginning, create an empty shared directory to hold the exported web content library. If moving data between servers, both systems must have write access to this directory. Review the following considerations before exporting or importing web content libraries:

Parent: Web content administration tools

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