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Dynamically changing the language during the session

Allow users to change the language during their session. :If you want your users to be able to change the language during the session, use the following command provided by WebSphere Portal:

<portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage">
   <portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" value="language"/>

where language is the two character code for the required language, such as en, de, or fr. For a list of the available languages and their two character codes refer to Language support.

For users to be able to dynamically change the language for the session, add a link to the portal theme with the following text and link reference:

Users can then click this link to change to the language specified by the locale parameter with the command. To make more than one language available to users, you create a separate link for each language.


To create links for English and German, add the lines shown in the following example to the file banner_toolbar.jsp :

<!-- add these lines -->
<a href="<portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage"><portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" 
<a href="<portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage"><portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" 

<%-- logout button --%>

The file banner_toolbar.jsp resides in the following directory:


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Language support

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