Configure and adding a Suggested Links portlet

Customize the display of search results to show users preferred or recommended results and associated links.

The Suggested Links portlet displays predefined search results and links to users separately from the regular result set. You can add keywords to indexed documents to control which results appear in the suggested results list. You can configure the portlet to select suggested results based on just the keywords, or on all document content, including keywords.

  1. You must be logged in as Administrator to add a Suggested Links portlet to the Search Center.

  2. The Suggested Links portlet can only be added to the Search Center on the Portal Search page. It will not function anywhere else.

To add Suggested Links to the Search Center and configure it...

  1. Create a search collection for the Suggested Links portlet:

    1. Click Administration > Manage Search.

    2. Click Search Collections.

    3. Create a search collection to contain the suggested search results and links content. The collection should be created with no summary and no categorizer (these are the default settings). The collection can be a local or remote collection.

    4. To add a external site or document as a suggested link, click the Add document button, then enter the title, description and keywords into the upload page. You can also add a link to other portlets by running a crawler to gather search results, then adding the resulting documents.

      1. Add a portal crawler as a new source.

      2. Click on the Advanced Parameters tab, then click to deselect the option Add all documents to collection automatically.

      3. After running the crawler, click on the View Pending Documents button, then select the documents that you want to include in the Suggested Links portlet.

      4. Click Edit, then specify a title, description and keywords for the added links.

  2. Optional: Add the portlet to the Search Center. You only need to do this if the Suggested Links portlet was removed from the Search Center.

    1. Click Administration > Manage Pages

    2. Locate the Search Center page, by either using the search feature of the portlet or by scrolling through the list and selecting the Search label.

    3. Click Edit Page Layout.

    4. Click Add Portlets.

    5. Select the Suggested Links portlet by clicking the check box.

    6. Click OK to add the portlet to the page, to the right of the Search Center portlet.

    7. Click Done.

  3. Configure the Suggested Links portlet:

    1. Click Administration > Portlets.

    2. Click the Configure icon next to the Suggested Links portlet.

    3. In the list of available search collections, click the name of the collection that created earlier.

    4. Add or edit the following parameters and values:


      Determines the maximum number that is displayed by the Suggested Links portlet. The default number is 3.


      Determines whether the suggested links collection will be searched using full-text search, or using only keywords. By the default value false the portlet searches for keywords only. Change the value to true to search using full text.

    5. Click OK to save the portlet configuration.

  4. Configure the Suggested Links portlet to the search collection that you created:

    1. Navigate to the Search Center page.

    2. Select Configure from the portlet menu of the Suggested Links portlet.

    3. In the list of available search collections, click the name of the collection created earlier.

    4. Click OK to save your selection.

    Users can now use the Suggested Links portlet.

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