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Change page layout

You can select a page layout from a list of predefined formats. Portlets and widgets are automatically positioned into the new layout. You can add custom layouts that you define to the list of page formats available for selection. Use drag-and-drop to adjust the layout of your pages.

Page Builder does not support locked containers.

To change the layout of a page...

  1. Click the Customize button on the toolbar to open the content catalog.

  2. Navigate to the Change Layout tab.

  3. Select a category from the menu on the side.

  4. Filter the results displayed by typing space separated search terms into the input box near the upper corner.

  5. Page through the content using the Previous and Next links or the Jump to page ___ input underneath the search results.

  6. To select a layout, click that layout. No changes will occur on the browser at this time.

  7. To commit a layout change to the server, click the Save button.

    The page automatically refreshes to render a layout change.

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