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Use ReleaseBuilder to stage release configurations between two portals.

ReleaseBuilder allows you to track which configuration entities were removed, added or changed compared to the previous release generated from a given portal and to apply these differential updates to another portal. A "diff", generated by ReleaseBuilder, represents the changes made between the two configurations, and can be used to apply additions, update, and deletes to the target server, allowing two portal servers, for example, a staging server and a production server, to remain in synch.


Recent technotes for XML access and Release Builder


ReleaseBuilder is a configuration management tool. Do not use it for migration purposes.

Performance benefits

Massively parallel portal configuration tasks, for example hundreds of administrators working in parallel, can impact the user experience and portal performance. Such tasks can be distributed to independent portal systems. ReleaseBuilder together with the XML configuration interface allows you to integrate the resulting configurations.

ReleaseBuilder synopsis

The ReleaseBuilder command...



To generate the differences file containing the additions and subtractions configuration file, enter;

The diff.xml file will contain the additions and deletions to be imported onto the production portal server.

Unlike the XML configuration interface, ReleaseBuilder does not interact with the portal server runtime.

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