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Catalog service domain collection

Use this page to manage catalog service domains. Catalog service domains define a group of catalog servers that manage the placement of shards and monitors the health of container servers in the data grid.

To view this administrative console page, click System administration > WebSphere eXtreme Scale > Catalog service domains.

To create a new catalog service domain, click New. To delete a catalog service domain, select the catalog service domain to remove and click Delete.

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Create catalog service domains in WAS

Test Connection

When you click the Test connection button, all of the defined catalog service domain end points are queried one by one, if any one end point is available, returns a message that indicates that the connection to the catalog service domain was successful. Use this button to test that you have configured the connection and security information correctly.

Set Default

Defines the catalog service domain that is used as the default. Select one catalog service domain as the default and click Set default. Only one catalog service domain can be selected as the default.


Specifies the name for the catalog service domain.


Specifies which catalog service domain in the list is the default. The default catalog service domain is indicated with the following icon: default catalog service domain icon.


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