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Access Managed Beans (MBeans) using the wsadmin tool

Use the wsadmin utility provided in WebSphere Application Server to access managed bean (MBean) information.


Run the wsadmin tool from the bin directory in the WebSphere Application Server installation. The following example retrieves a view of the current shard placement in a dynamic eXtreme Scale. You can run the wsadmin tool from any installation where eXtreme Scale is running. You do not have to run the wsadmin tool on the catalog service.

$ -lang jython
wsadmin>placementService = AdminControl.queryNames
wsadmin>print AdminControl.invoke(placementService,
    "listObjectGridPlacement","library ms1")

<objectGrid name="library" mapSetName="ms1">
<container name="container-0" zoneName="DefaultDomain" 
        hostName="" serverName="server1">
<shard type="Primary" partitionName="0"/>
<shard type="SynchronousReplica" partitionName="1"/>
<container name="container-1" zoneName="DefaultDomain" 
        hostName="" serverName="server2">
<shard type="SynchronousReplica" partitionName="0"/>
<shard type="Primary" partitionName="1"/>
<container name="UNASSIGNED" zoneName="_ibm_SYSTEM" 
        hostName="UNASSIGNED" serverName="UNNAMED">
<shard type="SynchronousReplica" partitionName="0"/>
<shard type="AsynchronousReplica" partitionName="0"/>

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Administer programmatically with Managed Beans (MBeans)

Parent topic:

Monitor with WAS PMI

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