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Configure request retry timeout values

With reliable maps, you can supply a retry timeout value in milliseconds to WebSphere eXtreme Scale for transaction requests.

You can configure the timeout value on the client properties file or in a session. The session value overrides the client properties setting. If the value is set to greater than zero, the request is tried until either the timeout condition is met or a permanent failure occurs. A permanent failure might be a DuplicateKeyException exception. A value of zero indicates the fail-fast mode setting and eXtreme Scale does not attempt to try the transaction again after any type of transaction.

During run time, the transaction timeout value is used with the retry timeout value, ensuring that the retry timeout does not exceed the transaction timeout.

Two types of transactions exist: Autocommit transactions, and transactions that use explicit begin and commit methods. The valid exceptions for retry differ between these two types of transactions:

Application or other permanent failures return immediately and the client does not try the transaction again. These permanent failures include the DuplicateKeyException and KeyNotFoundException exceptions. Use the fail-fast setting to return all exceptions without trying transactions again after any exceptions.

Exceptions where the client tries the transaction again:

Permanent exceptions, where the transaction is not tried again:


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